Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow

by Orin Be

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Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow is a concept album wrapped in time and the phases of life and the beyond. I have poured my entire being into this, the good, bad, dark, light, humorous and serious.


released September 13, 2013



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Orin Be Dallas, Texas

Boom boom chill music peppered with lyrics. Click and I hook you up.

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Track Name: Reality -feat Raven Lore
Chorus -
Can I shine?
Trying to get mine in this world, you gotta do what you gotta do
turn on the tv, they selling me reality but that reality seems far from true
I'm just trying to live life, shine a little bit of light to recognize the God in you
so #$%k TV, cause we've already got reality and the star is you
the star is...

I wrote my first rhyme when I was nine in the cafeteria line
where they were serving up swing and slime
jotted down a few lines to perform at the talent show
five years later I'd take to it to the streets freestylin flows
guzzling gallons and compiling smokes that's menthol
when older heads wouldn't cop for us we'd get our shop lift on
shit's wrong, but even Lance cheated to live strong
not everyone we grew up with was blessed to live long
and prosperous, the improper populous of the metrolpolis
smoking pot with Hen-rock, this hip hop to us was
young rhyming philosophers breaking down fallacy
challenge me God, my hard headed-ness
youthful agression manifested in all recklessness
surrounded by all these pessimists,
that said I'd never amount to shit with this
etcetera, etcetera
all you saw was dust and smoke but I really was a nebula
can I shine?


We like this hip hop music
we keep it on some cool shit
lot of cats talk loud but don't do shit
well that's stupid
We like this hip hop music
keep it true to the old school boom bip
but still hit that futuristic, technological
wreck and obstacle homey I could give two shits

I keep your thermometer bubbling with the barometer plummeting
can't pressure me. testing me but you're probably fronting
ain't stressin me nada. these premaddonnas of prada guccie and Louis seem booschy I treat em like a pinata
I'm swinging like a pendulum.
Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow
a continuum of time life and energy
the lime light is tempting me,
but ain't a spot light that can shine as bright or vividly
as the truth, need proof? well hindsight is 20/20
and youth is fleeting the teacher of truth misleading
that's why I'm in the booth bleeding on paper with ink that's leaking
I put my heart and soul in this, you think I'm speaking
to hear my own voice?
I feel I have no choice, only the music keeps me sane,
breaks up the mundane. Someone's got a case of the Mondays
talentless bitches all on the TV that want fame
but not me homey, all I want's flame.
can I shine?

Track Name: Today
We live for today, work, play, pray, AY

Being an artist ain't all glamorous
I work, make songs, and rock bars that stink like cannibus
and I don't even smoke as much these days it makes me more an analyst
and that ain't how it used to be
can't really keep talking that way now cause truthfully
it'll start to drain the youth from me
my heart will always be young, act stupidly, Tom Foolery
this rap infused in me deep
if you knew me from the street
or just know me now as I flow with style
do my duty on these beats
my man, it's going down
cause we live for today, ain't stressin bout the bills that we pay
all the bills that were late that got my credit score fck'd up
but even if my luck's up I'm still swinging like a numchuck
put your knucks up cause I don't give a fck bre
yo we live for today, live for today
work, play, pray, AY

7am my iPhone go chirp chirp, time to go to work
hungover that siz-nurp I burp, but I guess it could be worse,
I could be unemployed.
or depressed on zanaxes with a life that's unenjoyed
the masses null and void
you gotta roll with the punches
working all through the morning then it rolls into lunches
got an hour to devour then back to the clock I punch in
then work work, type type, look outside and oh where the sun went?
its time for some fun shit!
Hour that's happy, drafts be two buck into the bar walk two ducks
what'd one duck say to the other duck?
I don't know man, I don't give a mother fck
pour a beer in a glass watch it bubble up
people getting loose, people getting drunkered up
yuck it up with the homies, cut it up
find you a cutie with a booty to cuddle up
love it up live it up
people jumping up and down in the crowd as I rip it up
give it up
night time I do shows, hey one day who knows?
maybe with a little luck
I could make it, but I ain't bout to do no fake shit
you can miss me with that bullshit I'm fine with this day to day shit
cause we live for today
ain't stressin bout the bills that we pay
all the bills that were late that got my credit score fck'd up
if you with me put your ones up
if you with me put your guns up - buck bck
do what you want cause I don't give a fck bre
yo we live for today
live for Today
work, play, pray... breakdown

quack... qu-qu-quack quack! QUACK! qu-quack... wicka-wicka-quACK! quack quack quack...

I walked into this bar where the old timers hang
bunch of old timers drinking doin their old timer thang
I ordered up a bourbon cause my soul was kinda drained
this is an old school bar, where everyone knows what's your name
so I started talking to Karl, Karl he tends the bar
sitting next to my man Nick
Nick had three kids who each had two kids that means six grandkids
try not to focus on my problems so I could understand his
and the more he talked and talked I said yo Nick damn this
seem so brief but you older than me do you have any
for a younger man and he said Orin just
live for Today
live for Today
you work
you play
you pray...
Track Name: Tomorrow
Verse 1:
Flat screen flush to the wall in the living room
old school western flicks my grand pop was flipping through
so much wisdom I would ween off when I would sit with you
been almost a decade since you passed, but I'm still missing you
I'd listen to how you came up out the coal fields making business moves
how getting old's a bitch to you, getting hips removed
replaced in a space that's mystical afterlife that you drifting through
I hope when you look down I make you proud
reminscing when you would
teach me the vibe

Verse 2:
401k in some stable funds
conservative investments, even if the market takes a plunge
we'll be ok. through our old age
retire off the coast of Florida there's no cold days
the golden age, I don't want to die young
I want wrinkles on my bum, praises on my tounge
places for my son and grandsons to vacation takin in the sun
that's blazing while they're playing I'm laying like raisins or some plums
just chillin
watching my children raise children
such a wonderful feeling...
but these days I'm building and still grinding
paying off all the debts that I've borrowed
still living my todays aimed at a better

Teach me the vibe

Verse 3:
My chest heaves, machines beep
every breath that I breathe is brief
laying on the bed that will be of my death to the grief
of my friends and family hovering over me like a canopy
I slip in and out of consciousness, memories flash randomly
I drift
just like smoke from a spliff
as I prepare to leave the material life
I know that the gift
is the spiritual light
that glows in the myst
I try to muster the strength to tell my wife that I love her but
choke on my spit
in rush the nurses
my wife squeezes my hand while the other grabs a tissue from her purse
I remember buying our first home together
stacking enough cash to furnish it
holding my first son after she gave birth to him
watching her maternal instincts kick in to nourish him
watch him grow and raise him
time goes from slow to racing
now we're both old and aging
my movements slowed with pain in my bone and joints which are all
swoll and aching
son be strong, take care of mother when I'm gone
I know you've got your own family now with enough going on
and sweet grandkids that would play at my feet
They all like "where's grandpa" and I hear my son say "he's asleep"
I know there's more to this life so don't let the world scam you
so as I drift on to the next the words on my breath are
thank you

Teach me to die...
Track Name: Infinity
Verse 1 (Orin Be):
Its 3am
I'm laid up in bed
and nothing in the world could make me sleep
thoughts race in my head
my brain won't shut up
even though my lips don't make a peep
I feel like a single piece of plankton
floating through endless waves of sea
i feel like a single carbon molecule
floating through an endless space that's deep
I am small
a tiny spec orbitting around this firey ball
and time keeps tickin, tickin, tickin...
and my friends and family keep dying off
sh* I'm too numb to cry so I huff a sigh
I don't want to be here man, I want to fly
way up high cause maybe up there I can try to see things through the
eyes of God
its 3am
another four hours till the day begins
the same rat race goose chase that wears my patience thin
I try to calm myself down counting up from ace to ten
it doesn't really work so I pray to Him
and feel a little flame start to blaze within
I can feel the Spirit enter me
touched by infinity
and it all starts making sense
abyss to infinity

Verse 2 (time):
I am 2012
and all the other years all balled up and jelled
into one moment ever moving ever flowing
I wonder if y'all can even tell
why you trying to place me all in a shelf?
separating me into years, into months, into days...
why separate my oneness?
I am nothingness in abundance
I'm the one you can't keep up with
no matter your pace or grind
the matter of space and time
all stretched out like deep lunges
now can you soak that up like sea sponges?
I am infinity

Verse 3 (Most High):
I am the Alpha, Omega
beginning the end
the one that the sinners offend
My Presense above
but I've humbled and lowered myself to make even sinners my friend
My Essence is love
I am the breeze through the trees
the roots in the dirt, the truth on this earth
the seen, unseen and all the imbetween
all are the proof of my work
My Essence is love
I'm behind the scenes and molecules
I'm behind all things and the tiny particles
I supply the dreams and then provide you the strength to follow through
I am the intellegent mind behind intellegent design
I created all matter, breathed in life to set it in motion
which is all enveloped in time
I am the rage of the seas, the hurricane winds
the lightning that strikes, the lion that bites
you hear my voice in the thunder you hear
I am the fire that burns with heat
I am the page that you read of ancient belief
away from me is a screaming and knashing of teeth
glimpse my Presense and crumble in fear because
All must return to Me
I am the strength to help you weather the storm
and the place to rest when it's gone
place your burdens on Me cause the heaviest weights are less than a
feather for God
My throne's infinit and it never will fall
I will never die as I have never been born
surrounded by a host of angels
that never cease singing their heavenly song